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To receive UKTV channels in your home you DO NOT need a satellite dish. Our system uses a small digital receiver which simply connects to your TV and is controlled by the included remote control.

The set up is just like having a Sky box or a DU box.  It is NOT a slingbox/vpn connected to your computer.  It is a fully functioning digital box system that provides live UKTV to your television.

The IPTV Multimedia Player can work with very low internet speeds however, the faster internet speed you have the better. We recommend at least 6mb and prefer 8/16mb albeit the service runs on even lower speeds.

Once you have purchased the digital receiver it is yours for life.  We will automatically upgrade the software for you via our servers.  If you purchase a box and subscription and then relocate to another country, do not worry! Your UKTV box will work in all countries around the world where there is the required internet speed apart from the UK.

Information – IPTV

We have 8 technicians working on the system at any given time, all living in different time zones. We have further engineers that are on call at our data center.

We aim to reply to any correspondence within 24 hours. We post updates on our website that can be checked by our clients – and we keep our clients updated.

We may be the biggest in Europe doing what we do and no other Internet TV provider come close to the staff we hold on the IPTV system, with 17 staff plus data center support staff all working to keep our product far superior.

Our system is very stable compared to the other systems operating and we have a far higher uptime with far superior quality.

The system is a high end IPTV system delivering live TV and catch-up recorded TV streaming through the Internet. However this can fail on the rare occasion like any other service. We cover 520 channels over all languages so there will always be a risk for some channels or functions to be offline occasionally but this is the same with local systems delivering many channels. We have seen that of any issue a client may have, 99% of the time it is a local internet issue, this we can not control.

The system will work (uptime) 99% of the time on a stable Internet connection.

If we have an issue we are much better, faster and fix anything as quickly as we can. The system we have and the type of data we are using is very complex, our main aim is to continue to be the market leader by providing the right channels with the best possible quality we can and remain to be the most cost effective and have a simple to use system for our clients.