Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a MAG250/254 already, can I try UKTVAbroad?
Of course you can. We do not charge any fees to change you over to us, simply choose the package you require and your done.

Q. What is the delivery time on getting my UKTVAbroad?
Normally we can deliver a fully setup system ready to plug in and play within 2-4 days.
All of our deliveries have tracking numbers so you can keep up to date online of the delivery progress.

Q. Does the MAG250/254 work with WIFI?
Yes you can use a WIFI adapter/dongle. We have identified the correct models that work seamlessly with the MAG and can supply one for you.

Q. I know this is UKTVAbroad but do you have any radio stations that we can listen too?
Absolutely we do. We have a huge range of UK and international radio stations that are openly available for you with UKTVAbroad.

Q. Can I listen to radio through UKTVAbroad without having my television turned on?
Yes. UKTVAbroad has an audio-out phono-stick which allows you to connect it to sound systems or other devices with an AUX output.

Q. Can I Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward a Recorded Program? Does your catch-up TV have rewind, fast forward and pause facility?
Yes you can do all of the above, should you watch a programme and get called away you can either pause it or simply remember the time you watched till then skip forward to that time with the remote control. All instructions are provided.

Q. Is it possible to watch the box on multiple TV's?
Should you want to watch UKTVAbroad on multiple TV's at the same time you would need to purchase multiple boxes, each box has a separate subscription that is uniquely identified.
You can also purchase a modulator unit however these can be tricky to work but it is possible.

Q. Do you offer support?
As we are one of the largest suppliers of IPTV and Satellite systems since 2004, we have a huge infrastructure of staff. From technical, to programmers, call centre support, engineers and a huge sales force. We aim to answer your queries swiftly and professionally at all times.
Most of the 'glitches' that anyone can get with IPTV can be resolved via our troubleshooting, handy tips and remote control pages on the website.